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    Default Employer Retaliation and Discrimination After an Injury

    I was a high level intel profiler in the military,and one of my own tools is i take the last event,go backwards and close the loop,no lies,changes nothing can be injected or reassigned,and knowing that no one thing in this world happens on it own,there alway two and values they take part,and last,one thing a liar cant do is tell you his story in reverse,why i approah it as i do,to close the loop.theys some much going on here,that it was not at all a random event,it was control till it end was the comp and ttd death,where the comp co, would have plenty of motive,where the doc and boss have not a answer or reason why my person has been put to this sudden change,where they have caused me not only to lose all i have,but to accept they re didling offer, 3 years ago my settlement was lawyer before all this happens was talking 35 40.00 maybe which i have two guns doen and 6 surgeries,may not be 185.00,but it will perm total,and that what changes the 200 week to the much more value of the case need advice here,please should i clear them all out and start with new lawyer, any lawyers out there want a good civil case i guesse called the boss crap,or do i have mal practice to being threten to ruin my repairs somewhere ill be forced to work where they will screw my rating value,and force my to takes change,despert fo advice,
    thank you

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    Default Employer Retaliation,discrimination,part One

    My primary comp attourney has some concerns that my boss may be retaliatingor discriminating against me,that my surgeon release to work was medically incorrect,I w
    I was injured on the job dec 11 2014 where I had extenzive injuries to my shoulders resulting 4 surgeries to the right shoulder 3 were rotaator cuff repairs,x3 events of surgeries,and one surgery where my bicep mucle was broken and a good portion of the muscle removed and pinned or anchored to my bone,.
    the left shoulder 3 years prior had rotator cuff repair,labrum tendion repair,graft jackets,and four surgeries,all were failed surgeries,.I was legally rated 100 percent disabiled,.I was forced to go back to work where I was injured again due to faulty equipment, and i injured my left shoulder again this time needing surgery for rotator cuff repair,.where I m told is a second injury fund issue possibly,
    For 2 years i have been undergoing constant surgeries,and nothing has brought me to a condition ever where my returns to work by the surgeon has always had strict light duty conditions.3 weeks ago my last visit my surgeon qucikly went to telling me He was realeasing to full duty,no limits no restrictions,where for 2 years he has protected his surgeries with limits, I`m still in therepy,the therepy people opions are that in which tey cant believe this,.the doctor told me this while i was 3 weeks into a current therpy 6 week term,and i was 3 weeks in at this point he tells me this,.the therepy people have never got me where i can lift any wieght even what my previous limits by this doctor were,5 pounds the most he ever released me was 10 pounds.and this was still the current limits up to the time time hes releasing me, he also ordered 6 more weeks scrubing the current therepy that i was 3 weeks in of 6, he order a new 6 six weeks,stating i was to be taken to phase three.I understand this to be the weight lifting to see my limits,.Therepy will absolutly not put me in phase 3,as they are still working on my range of motion,which is notgood ar all,my limits are soon after i raise arm and before i can even get arm level.weeks prior he has made numurous statement hoe bad my shoulders are why i think my limits have never chabged for 2 years.Back to my visit,the therepist that treated me as for 2 years they know me well,my neck has started siezing and grinding terribly and i can hear it my ears,my there said it was all the surgeries and the muscle issues that are now pulling in un natural ways ,even the doc the day i barly addressed that with him,said too yes it very likly it is because of my enjuries,Almost with out breath he said Im sending you back to full duty, no limits no restrictions,no more pain meds, no addressment to my neck which even the man from columbia work comp state place it is also related,
    ok,no limits is to the job i was injured at,that for 2 years light limited is all he allowed,i was still subject to the limits the day of my visit,nothing had changed,nothing was better,for 2 years keep to mind,but now im full duty .nothing was told me MMI,,nothing was done to determine MMi and support that,i was sent back to a job,that i no longer had,where the limits he released had no value,couldnt come back on him as i had no work,making it secure what he had not done for 2 years for a reason,that sudden some miraculess things happened where im healed,well,my thinking and my comp lawyer as well shared,and how it happen so quick and abrupt,comp,co,doc,with boss knew i had no job to go too,he would never send me out before in the same condition he was now.Of course ttd was gone,and i still have 4 weeks of therepy where the therepy person will not advance to phase 3,I have control issues with the wieght of a gallon of milk,cat raise my arms for nothing,im torn up,bad,just as he said weeks pryor,.
    Now I notified my boss that i was released to full duty no limuts,and asked him as my attorney advised,when my boss wanted my to report to work and where,Iam a heavy equipment operator,always heavy tasks to load up load loader i drive,throw chains ,boombers,,and raising and lower the 185 pound ramps that i got hurt on from a defective d ring pin that hooked my glove and i couldnt hold it no more anf it pulled down in a strange motion that twisted and broke my bicep,and torn my left trying to hold it to get my glove loose.
    So i told my boss my return,asked him three times within an hour when to return,and waited 2 days he still hand not replied,he always has phone in hand,he seen my texts,
    Now I should mention days before my accident 2 years ago,i have texts from him stating how well he and everyone else liked me,and what a hard worker i am,I move dirt and prepare yard elevations for eragation systems and for sod.i work solo,and most of the time im working by doze lights so that i can have ready what takes longest to do,the dirt work,
    ok,2 days i still have no answer,so i text again,2 more times,and fiannally get that he doesent have any hours.,my arrotny said ask him when he might have ,i never got answer,Then my attorny told me to ask him directly if i still had a job,this is a at will labor state,ive read all the laws,andrequire ments to meet retaliation etc,and the most common used id the work conduct one where employer can use that,where they will never say no job cause you filled a claim,so we already know other items and events are condidered dicrimination,prediuce,retalitory actions, ok,i asked him directly of my job,a yes or no answer,and if no,requires reason why if youre fired,2 more days i had no reply,and again i have to pin him down and ask again,and 2 more times,and he said been a long time im full,which still doesent answer my question but immplies again,had he room or hours i would have nothing in my way of returning.We knowlong time refers only to full up which is acceptable,but to say full only implies again he has nothing or place at the moment,subject to change then,does this lack of answering me that neither says or no,and fatherest from the avoided answer that no i dont,but with no reason not to bring a star employer by his rating back,he has only one answer ,and it is no,cause you filed a claim,i asked him sense,5 times with no reply,do i have a job.yes or no,and explained to him i knew well why he doesent answer reminding his text how i was a good worker,he has no reason not to bring back a good employee,i was a company man and even rans parts of the job and crew,is this retalitory,is it constructive termination where boss sets something up that appears to be nothing,but makes the employee jest go away.what about the doctor who sends me back to full duty drops the restrictions for the same,no answer or reason why he is,i had a right to know where that day where always im asked pain level and general over all report,didnt get asked nothing,ignored my neck which he agreed related,quickly the comp co had case nurse closing case with me on phone,ttd checks gone,i cant work where has put no limits as it only was to that job that he never done before casuse of my condition,that wasnt addressed at all that day of release,my lawyer said,comp co pushed that to doc,and someone knew i i had no job,to realse me that way where doc was safe from any liable,i will say so he thinks,and a boss that wont answer me,what the comp co deems my release which doc never did 2 years,and suddenly now with out nothing to support the claim he says,and again,dooes this mean im MMI,did doc not berbally mention that to avoid questions i would have had how and what now makes it so beyond your opinon and no medical event to support that,but do we forget worry was not his,as i had no job securing that,that he had to have known,to release me in the same value i ve been for years ,limits, and now i have no food,no money for rent,will be on the street within days,having sell everything i have,and probably my home trailor that i cant move it to no where,and cant leave it here,i have 4 more weeks of therepy which under the circustances,now with no money,getting those will be next to immpossible,12 miles away one way,no left to try to find work i cant do ,few will hire as im not a good canidate where i have to be honest first and advise them what i can do and cant,and if i get injured where 2 years i was limited for a reason,i assume,since he was so deligent about it,to not be now,comp co is clear cause if injured,sent out to early,or if mmi then its time to rate and settle,where rating will be a fight now as the docs full duty thing will challenge that,and where my lawyer it could go 2 years if they contest,or what ever,where i need money more than ever now,caused by al peoples,that got me starved out,to accept didally for settlement, or fight a duration they ,again know i cant,that calculated element of there actions based on mine,status,where they re action likly would not occur,if these other things wernt known such as job,doc,ttd,and the whole things that oly values them onlyleaving me a screwed and have to fight them,where i will lose,my time loss to be prepared had i known any of this where they res was clandesdant and hidden and was a surprise when i was sent back,ensured that day they control my time by holding knowledge of they re intentions,and my time was gone to prepare for what im in now,first element set to make desperate the need to settle,

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    Default Re: Employer Retaliation,discrimination,part One

    You'll have to learn how to put some white space between those words - use the enter and space keys once in awhile.
    Nobody can read that mess.

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