I am sure im blowing the same horn as many of you in here but I am getting the complete total runaround here.
I have two torn discs in my neck and a bulging one in my lumbar. I have had every test known to man and then last but not least a discography that revealed the two tears in my cervical spine. I have been dealing with this pain etc for 1.5 years now, and am at my witts end with the whole process
went to hearing, had doctors depositions, my Dr. and WC's Dr. the wc dr got to rebutt my dr's deposition but mine was not afforded that pleasure so the judge came down with a denial of the procedure that my dr wants to perform.... two level disc replacement. my dr is the personal neurosurgeon for the denver broncos so you know he has been vetted and is highly qualified in this procedure.
i get a letter from my atty stating that there is a 0-1 % chance of winning an appeal based on what the paid off dr's on the wc side have said. basically the judge didnt even look at what my dr said and took everything the wc drs said as gospel.
then to add insult to injury i get an EMAIL, no friggin call from my attys paralegal telling me they want to settle!!! so i wrote this to my atty:

Settle? HELL no I donít want to settle, settle what? I still have two torn disks in my neck (proven by the discogram) and a bulging disk in my low back and NOTHING has been done, except for every test in the world to prove me wrong, which Iím not. This is utter nonsense. Of course I want to appeal the decision. If that fails, I will appeal to the Colorado Court of Appeals. Iím sick and tired of this bs! Itís been a year and a half plus and I am in worse shape today that I was when I got hurt. Now they want to tell me I have to live with this pain the rest of my life! All I want is to get the treatment that I need and deserve so that I can get back to work. If they wonít give me the surgery that my Dr. wants to do then what will they do to fix me?
The court has stated in their decision that they have taken the advice of three plus "doctors" that never once took into consideration the discogram that reproduced my pain generators in my neck. I have researched and found that a discogram is the definitive test to determine a damaged disc that an MRI cannot show.
We havenít even begun my lower back. I was told "one thing at a time" so I didnít discuss my low back with Dr Prusmack when seeing him. The pain in my low back is intense at times and and getting worse, took my dogs for a walk the other day (no leashes) and am still feeling the affects of it.
Then there is the question of work, what am I supposed to do for work if Iím not fixed? I certainly canít go back to doing what Iíve done for the last 30 years (construction).
It sounds like everyone just want to throw money at me and get me out of their hair so everyone can get paid and save money at my expense!
I have also read that using my own insurance (if at all possible) will totally screw me out of many benefits afforded me.

sorry for the long winded post but i dont know where to turn......

one more thing is that my atty is telling me to use my own insurance to get the treatment i need? i think i read in here that that is a bad thing and thatt i could lose all benefits if i do?