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    Default 24% Disability for My 64 Year Old Father

    Hi all, my father and I have never had to deal with workers compensations or insurance issues. My father was injured at work and had to have shoulder surgery. His doctor said he has 24% permanent disability. My father has worked all his life and was not planning to retire at 66 y/o. He has been given on medical leave for almost six months now. Insurance wants to give him a settlement amount. What would be the average amount he should be looking at? Thank you for your help.

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    Default Re: 24% Disability for My 64 Year Old Father

    this is a answer your lawyer should give you. every case is different and every state is also different in ammounts. he should look into msa also. all the answers your lawyer should give you. if you don't have a lawyer,better get one NOW

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    Default Re: 24% Disability for My 64 Year Old Father

    Quote Quoting lbs4428 View Post
    How long he been getting workers comp and how much?
    That has zero to do with a settlement amount.

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