I reside in New Jersey, i was injusre while working for the state of New Jersey, although at the hands of an incompetent co-worker, its my belief my workers comp gas from the very beginning has been mishandled, with that said i was injured in 2007, having 2 neck SURGERIES for a spinal cord impengement, and a left shoulder ac resection, as well as a Tbi evolving mostly my left frontal lobe, i was sent by my employer to there orthopedic doctor and his opinion was i had spinal stenosis and degenerative disc decease! Per my attorney, i used my own health insurance and went to my family physician who then sent me to rothman institute, there findings were mind blowing, a spinal cord impengement! Since then ive used my health insurance for treatment and MEDICATIONS, paying over 10s of thousands in copayments! Ive on spoke with my attorney either in person or via myself calling him, the last i spoke with his paralegal was late September 2016, and she stated that my attorney was going to court on this matter on September 27,2016! Until yesterday when i called him,and again spoke with his paralegal, she stated to me that after 10+ years and thousands of my own dollars that im getting all i can get,this really stuck me, as for years he said he was going to get all he could! You see he told me to file for my state accidental pension as well refered me to a social security attorney, and was also told to use my own health insuance,and prescription drug coverage and hed assured me i would get back all money i spent! It was yesterday, that made me think is he out for his own interests and not mine? I did INFACT get accidental pension and ssd, but i had to fight for it! 10+years of my attorney asking for doctors records etc, and this is all i get, while my attorney lined dollars in his pocket and the doctors he sent me too ,10 plus years of being lied too,being misguided by my attorney ! Is this it? Do i revoke his power of attorney and file an ethical grievance with the barr association? I cannot obtain another attorney as its been such along time! Shall i schedule an appointment with my local senator? Shall i go to my wc hearing and ask the judge handling my case,if i may speak with him off the record?
I hope that someone is able to guide me, this has set me back,as ive been told for soo many years i was going to get a substantial settlement