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    Default Protesters Take to the Streets Across America to Rally Against Trump

    When Obama was elected - the Republican stated mission was to assure he had a failed presidency - they resisted and vetoed everything he did.
    Trump terrorized Obama with the Birther Lie during his entire presidency, claiming he was "hiding something" - he now refuses to release his own tax or medical records.
    Someone tell me why we should now accept Trump with open arms and have a big love in – it's payback time.

    Our country is bigger and better than this - we will not accept hypocrisy and bigotry as the "New American Standard"
    Rise Up!!

    Thousands take to the streets to protest Trump win

    #TwitterBlackout protest against Donald Trump gains momentum

    US election 2016: protests against Trump break out across major cities – live

    WATCH LIVE: #NotMyPresident protesters take to the streets across America to rally against Trump

    I don't appreciate the resistance and lack of support (zero, absolutely none) from the membership of this forum in my efforts to defeat Trump.
    That's fine with me, I'LL fight this fight alone - I don't need any of ya.
    The next time you need support, call your local Republican Senator or better yet, call your hero -Trump (I'm positive they'll give a hoot)

    Keep Up The Fight!!
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    Default Re: Protesters Take to the Streets Across America to Rally Against Trump

    Tony, I stand with with you....
    My problem as I see it its game over.....It started as Reaganomics......It will end with an Idiot named Trump!

    They know control all the checks and balances....So things like SS will be made into investment vehicles that will not cover anyone if some catastrophic event happens...So it wont be insurance anymore....

    They will gut ACA, and do whatever the big insurance company's want.....replace with a medical savings plan.

    Organize labor will we a picked apart limb by limb....

    The military will now get what ever it wants, the debt will rise and some how my guess will be blamed on Obama...

    I watched it all start it the 80's......They will now finish us off.......The buffoon will either play along or be delt with....Im sure the idea of having "Mr. Periods for Pence" in office a wet dream to the Louie Gommerts of the world!

    Its game over.......

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    Default Re: Protesters Take to the Streets Across America to Rally Against Trump

    Hi Tony,

    Your comment was spot on, I agreed with everything you wrote...... thank you for writing it, I appreciate the time you took to express yourself. I ALSO STAND WITH YOU! Everyday that we get closer to Jan 20, 2017, I want to run and find some where to hide for the next 4 yrs, until this nightmare is over. I refuse to support anyone who scares me. I believe in God, so I try to keep my eyes on him, knowing that he will take care of his people.


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    Default Re: Protesters Take to the Streets Across America to Rally Against Trump

    I'm with you Tony. It's true many union people voted for Trump. I truly cannot understand why. The Republican party has forever voted against everything union's stand for. Those that did vote for him will rue the day. Now we are stuck with an idiot that heads up the most anti-labor party since Regan. The war on unions, workers and the disabled will begin on January 20. God help us all.

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