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    My workplace injury took place in 2014, in Massachusetts.
    Now here in Nov 2016, my doctor and I decided I was unable to do my job. This decision was made after an unsatisfactory performance review. When I tried to explain my less than stellar performance because of my injuries, the HR director stopped me dead in my tracks. They, of course would make any reasonable accommodations for me to do my job, but because of the nature of the injury, that's not possible.

    I was kneeling on the floor, cleaning something, when a shelf above me fell off the wall, dropping its heavy contents right on my head. I took a week off at the time to recover from a concussion, but then returned to work.

    My symptoms are so varied and complex, I really think it may harm my claim, because they could try to attribute the symptoms to something else. But the incident did aggravate a neck injury (I had a bulging disc and now I have two bulging discs) and left me with concussion syndrome.

    At first, it made me a little forgetful. But now, I was found wandering 2 hours away from my house with no recollection of how or why I was there. The police filed an immediate threat and the RMV revoked my license and now my husband has to drive me everywhere.

    The hardest part of my injury is forgetting my memories with my kids. This past Halloween, we went and picked out our pumpkin, got into the car, drove for about 10 minutes when I turned to my husband and asked "So, are we going to get pumpkins?"

    They finally gave me a neuropsych test, and I should have those results next week.

    I'm scared. I'm in my late thirties and don't want to have dementia thanks to a tbi.

    What I need are any resources that you may have found useful, so I can educate myself. Because I have no idea what I'm doing, I recently screwed up and activated my FMLA leave. But now that the clock is ticking, I need to focus on a diagnosis and treatment.

    I've already retained a lawyer, because my HR director is a ruthless corporate type- I mean she is sharp and not easily handled.

    And general advice is appreciated as well. Also, I'd like to know anyone on here that may have tbi dementia.

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    Im a TBI survivor.....PM me if you have questions.....These situations are very complex!...Very happy you have attorney, I needed a WC and a PI for my case.....The 10 year mark is first of the year for me......

    You still have alot of healing to do....lots of rest for the brain...

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