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    Default What's Next MMI Reached but Still Receiving Treatment

    I had a severe head injury October of last year in Lexington, SC. I am a groundsman for a tree company and have been working in this field for over 10 yrs now. My supervisor told me to go over a fence and toss the brush back over so they could chip it and a few minutes into that task, a trimmer in the bucket starting cutting without notice. I was hit on the head, hard hat knocked off and fell to the ground. I had a concussion, torn ear drum, laceration to the scalp requiring staples to close, bruised jaw and neck, and right shoulder. I soon developed post concussive syndrome and later diagnosed with PTSD, contusive head aches, anxiety, and personality disorder. I have been out of work since and the insurance company has paid for my medical treatment, medicines (extremely costly) and weekly ttd checks. I see a neurologist and psychologist regularly. The neurologist every few months for meds and the psychologist every single Wednesday. My nuerologist released me and declared me at MMI last week. My permanent limitations are as follows: 1. NO working in or around trees, 2. May be required to miss work for head aches 2 to 3 times a week. My employer could not offer a position so I am still getting weekly checks and still seeing my psychologist. Now my lawyer wants me to get a second opinion of the MMI in case we go to court?? What is happening? Are we at settlement time and need something better to negotiate with? And if so, what more could a doctor say other than I can't work at all? I feel like that's where this is headed. HELP? Someone tell me what's happening. Please tell me this is almost over with.. so tired of dealing with the insurance company!!!

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    Default Re: What's Next MMI Reached but Still Receiving Treatment

    be prepared to wait. unfortunately the ic only has 1 speed. especially when it comes to paying money. I'm not an expert but, how could you be at MMI? if the neurologist released you don't you still have a primary care dr? I could see why your lawyer wants a 2nd opinion. have you spoken to your lawyer about social security assistance. ssdi. the I/c will want t have you do some type of work instead of nothing. maybe others on this site can help. good luck

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