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    Default Finding Doctor in Tennessee for Out of State Work Comp

    I just moved to Tennessee near Clarksville. And I have lifetime medical with my injury, I have been trying to find a new neurologist Dr again in TN but no one I have called accepts even work comp. I have California work comp, its an old claim have been on it since 2001. Anyone know of any neurology drs in the Clarksville area or Nashville anywhere in the vicinity that will accept out of state work comp? I would appreciate any help with this, VERY frustrated with this whole issue again!! Just went through it in Illinois 3 years ago when I moved from California. No help from my work comp carrier.


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    Default Re: Finding Doctor in Tennessee for Out of State Work Comp

    I think the best thing you could probably do would be to contact the California authorities responsible for administration of WC claims. I would think that their state bureau would be able to direct the insurance carrier to provide you with access to a TN doctor.

    You may come into problems finding a TN doctor who's willing to assume treatment for an out of state WC claim, but there are plenty of neurologists in the greater Nashville area, so there's probably plenty to choose from, assuming that they'll take the out of state WC.

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