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    Default Crps/Rsd Out of State Injury

    Hi, anyone ever been injured while working out of the state and develop CRPS/RSD? Did WC reimburse you for travel/lodging expenses? My home state won't accept me as a patient so I'm forced to travel 500 miles (1000 round trip) for my appts and they have refused to reimburse me for a year now. WC tried to find me Care closer to home and no one would take me. They have assisted in scheduling my appts out of state and are well aware I don't have any choice but to travel to the injured state. Order me to IME's traveling 1000 miles and refuse to pay my expenses (lodging, mileage, tolls). Being treated by a renowned specialist for CRPS and IME filed affidavit I don't have it when my other doctors say I do. Surgeons won't operate on me to fix my injury because of the CRPS. Had to hire attorney in injured state because employer/WC wouldn't pay me after Doctor took me out of work for treatments. Been very financially straining having to pay all the expenses and excessive traveling for out of state injury. They are refusing all travel associated with the CRPS diagnosis but have paid the medical bills for it. Help.

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    Default Re: Crps/Rsd Out of State Injury

    First, your lawyer should be able to answer your questions. I would suggest starting there. Second, each state has it's own workers' compensation laws, so without knowing in what state your claim has been accepted, it is impossible to answer your question. If this is a PA claim (this is a PA forum) you may be able to obtain reimbursement, but the answer could be different if it is not a PA claim.
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