Good Morning,

I have a case in appeal for my back injury from 10 years ago, and I am seeking for the case to be made permanent because of more damage. The insurance carrier lawyer at the hearing last year requested that my nerve testing doctor be deposed and not my overall treating doctor who has been deposed in the past. So two subpoenas went to this Doctor and he refused to be deposed with no explanation, no reason. The judge did a reserve decision which took a long six months and ruled not in my favor, she said she read all the medical evidence in which she did not read all the medical evidence because she would have seen my overall treating doctor's medical reports and the recent MRI showing more damage to my spine, and no respect to my psychological and psychiatric doctors of my consequential depression related to my injury. It is not my fault that this doctor refused to be deposed. I am now in appeal, please give advice and help. Thanks