I injured my knee in Indiana in 2012. I have had 3 different doctors and two surgeries. I've also had an IME where their doctor said I need a total knee replacement but I'm a bit on the young side. I still get the TTd, and I have not seen a doctor for 4 months now. I can't return to my union pipe fitting work with my knee in this condition and Indiana doesn't offer education for a new career.. My lawyer put out an offer of 85000 dollars without any medical. He said 85,000 was the most he was comfortable asking for. They came back with a $50,000 offer and we have gone back and forth a couple times. A couple days ago they gave me what they say is their final offer of $65,000 with no knee replacement, and no future medical. Three doctors and their IME doctor have all said I need a total knee replacement but I'm too young .My lawyer keeps pushing for the settlement saying that our case will never look better then it does right now. $65,000 seems too low for me to walk away without the knee replacement or future Medical. I have not reached MMI, it's been four and a half years since the injury and l've had two surgeries . Now my other knee is being affected to the point where it hurts as bad as the other. I asked my lawyer about this and he said it's impossible to prove yet I did some research and people do prove it .Did my lawyer start with to low an offer ?? Is it too late to change lawyers???
Can I come back with a higher offer then I started with ? I'm freaking out right now. The insurance company said I have to give them an answer by end of this week. At least as of now, I'm still getting my weekly checks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated .