I m at MMI and have had one of my injuries rated from my treating Dr. MY hip is rated at 12% but the whole body only at 5%, I haven't had my left shoulder, bicep and elbow rated yet. I pretty sure my treating physician cannot rate for north Dakota workers comp since I am in Washington. I have been going to school as part of their retraining 2 year degree program for a Health and safety. Question 1) How do they rate my injuries ounce the decide to do it, is it all together or individually. 2) does the retraining effect my award? 3) I have been recently searching for jobs in the Health and safety field and they all require me to perform outside of my restrictions, I've voiced my concerns for about 6 months now and they tell me I don't have to tell prospective employers about them. MY opinion is its dishonest not to tell them. If I cant find a job that fits into my restrictions what happens