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    Default Can I Ask for Clarification on My Work Restrictions

    I had my assessment done on March 1st, and my PPD rating is as was expected, but my work restrictions don't really apply to my field, they are more for somebody in construction. Can I ask the examining Doctor to clarify them as to my line of work? without pissing people off.

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    Default Re: Can I Ask for Clarification on My Work Restrictions

    You have to be really careful asking a doctor to change restrictions. I think it would depend on the particulars of your situation. Are your restrictions inadequate for you current job? Are they causing problems for you medically or physically? If so, that may give you a reasonable opening to have that conversation with the doctor.
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    Default Re: Can I Ask for Clarification on My Work Restrictions

    My doctor's asked me what I did at work, in detail. They explained my restrictions for me and worded it to fit the work I do. A different job came open, and the doctor's had told me that I would be able to do the job IF I did "xyz". I asked them if they could update what they had sent to my workplace to state that specifically. My doctor was quite specific on my restrictions, and my employer is quite strict with following those restrictions to the T.

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