I'll never understand how con men like Trump and Bush brainwashed common folk into voting against their own interest.

If this last election proved anything, it proved the American voter is the greatest danger to himself and world peace than any terror group.
How can anyone with an IQ of ten support a tax dodging sex predator who thrives on conspiracy theories and attention as president of the United States?
If you can't see this isn't going to end well you're as crazy as the Pussy Grabber - you have no business in a voting booth.

What good does it do to have forums such as this, fighting for workers rights and justice when we have people voting billionaire con men into office who'll undo all the good that's been accomplished the past 50 years?
Let the Pussy Grabber have a field day and rape America for every dime he can squander, they well deserve it.
I'm totally demoralized - I give up, to hell with it - I've never been so humiliated to be an American, I feel like a rape victim.

Peasants for Plutocracy: How the Billionaires Brainwashed America(2016)-Demonstrates How Corporations Get People to Vote Against Their Own Interest

noun, plural plutocracies.
1.the rule or power of wealth or of the wealthy.
2.a government or state in which the wealthy class rules.
3.a class or group ruling, or exercising power or influence, by virtue of its wealth.

How in the hell can anyone think this type of government is a good thing for the common citizen?
It would be bad enough if we elected a sane billionaire like Bloomberg or Gates but my God, Donald Trump?
Trump is an admitted tax dodging sex predator who's a pathological liar, mentally ill, totally incompetent, seeks attention and promotes conspiracy theories - the man uses Fox news and right wing conspiracy sites as his "credible" source for information over our own intelligence agencies!

I can't believe there's one person this stupid, let alone millions, absolutely amazing.