I've sent this cc: The Toledo Blade, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, MSNBC, and CNN. Does anyone care to chime in regarding extreme difficulty in getting treatment or benefits?

In 2006 I was involved with a front page piece in the Toledo Blade that spoke to Ohio workers' compensation issues (http://www.toledoblade.com/State/200...-for-help.html). There is another important and urgent issue at play now that concerns the public at large.

Simply put, John Kasich is cheating injured workers. Medically necessary treatment that had been authorized for years to individuals has now been withheld, requiring lengthy appeals to resolve, and getting those treatments reauthorized is not assured. The state drags the appeal process out for months while people suffer with pain and depression. Drugs, many of them non-narcotic and which had been used to treat patients for sometimes years, have been prohibited for doctors to prescribe, as have been standard treatment modalities, to include physical therapy and therapeutic massage, and which had, until Kasich was elected, been authorized for years as medically necessary. All of this is because Governor Kasish chooses to benefit business interests, which has been stated in print in the news on the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation website (https://www.bwc.ohio.gov/), leaving people to twist in the breeze. There is almost certainly more to this. It has been impossible for me to sort through bureaucratic barriers for more and pertinent information.

CNN would do well to take a hard look at Ohio workers' compensation law please. Governor Kasich will do the same type of thing to all of us if elected President.