I have seen this over & over again & have had numerous ppl tell me on a routine basis that ppl who really are not that injured or injured at all seem to get benefits easier than those who live with intractable pain & have suffered significant financial & family problems & stress. The whole system is corrupt and no one knows what they are doing. It seems to me that WC is an "ATM" for Attorneys. I have been dealing this injury for decades and I am seriously injured due to an injury itself and then complications from 4 surgeries that have left me worse off than I was before. I have had 1 hurdle after another and it seems like I am completely "blacklisted" from getting any help. My case was a super clear cut & easy case to win but I ended up with a corrupt Lawyer who only saw $ signs for himself. He kept telling me "there was a lot of money on the table" when I wanted to quit WC yet he got absolutely nothing accomplished. Before trial, I went to back breaking measures to make sure he had all my medical records & copies of receipts in every form possible for out-of-pocket expenses (thousands & thousands of $'s worth) yet when we went to trial, he showed the Judge (whom he knew)
NONE OF IT. When I tried to say something to him, the Judge yelled at me & said "I was not allowed to talk". The Attorney for the ins group kept saying that my receipts were no proof I paid for them..I thought I was going to go insane. I had every form of receipt you get at the pharmacy plus canceled checks & bank statements to back it up. What ended up happenening was the crabby Judge said neither party was prepared so she postponed the trial for a later date (I had been waiting so long to speak up at this trial) Anyway, that later trial date was never scheduled and instead I received a DENIED BENEFITS letter and was never even given a trial to defend myself & this is LEGAL? All because the corrupt MN JUDGE said it was? Right afterwards she of course retired. My case from there on got super complicated & I helped my private ins win back all their money cause my Attorney lied & said WC had paid for my surgeries but I found out that they didn't. They billed it to my private ins (this happens a lot if you have private ins. Everyone but me got all their money reimbursed with interest cause of my help. Except me. I have heard Attorney's coach their clients outside of the courtroom while one girl was dancing around & sucking on a sucker. I have witnessed very lazy employees at the MN STATE OFFICES OF WC (many ppl say the same thing). Why does this happen and maybe it would be best to get rid of the program all together! Very few are getting any kind of help and the Attirney's make a fortune for doing very little. This I have been told by many Attorney's themselves off record and not related to my case. Also, prior to surgery, surgeons will promise you a new life without pain and make it all seem so simple however, when something goes wrong, you are screwed cause know they wash their hands of you & refuse to work with you any further for liability reasons. This is all so inhumane, it makes me sick!