I going through worker comp for a ankle fracture that accurate at work. I have a few questions about my case, process and would love some feedback. On December 27, 2017 I was working for a wearhouse company which was through a staffing agency when I got my foot pinned by a forklift and fractured my tibia and fibula. I had surgery the week later. It's been about 7 months and I'm going through physical therapy and seeing the doctor at lease one a month. I'm still in pain and having limited range motion.My main question is that the company I work for is a staffing agency and through them I was working the warehouse job. So the doctor has released me to try full duty work and he knows I'm not ready but he said at lease let's try and see where it goes from there. I'm hearing that the warehouse wants nothing to do with me and they are afraid I might tell the original employees how to get workers compensation. So I'm in a state of limbo, I have been sitting in a chair for the last 5 months at the staffing company doing nothing because they don't have work for me Oh btw I do have a lawyer and I have not reached MMI. At this point I have bills adding up and stuck in the chair. I know I should just wait like my lawyer said but im just afraid that they are going drag it for months. Just wanted to see if anyone can give me advice about my situation. Thanks