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    Default My Spouse is Leaving Me Because I Injured My Back at Work

    Hello I injured my back in 2005 October I was dragged through the mud by my employer I injured my L4-L5-S1 I had a spinal fusion in 2008 September the surgery did not work and made me worst. It was really bad they lied on me harassed me so bad I told them if they do not stop I would sue them for deformation of character they eased up a little it was a freakin NIGHTMARE they finally settled with me 2010 February they put me through so much I had a stomach ulcer and I slept for three month straight I was so warn out tired.

    The whole time my husband never once ask me if I was ok when I had my operation he went to work so no one was waiting for me in the waiting room at the hospital when u have surgery my kids were to little then they were in school. Even though his boss asked him several times if he want the day off he said no he does not need to be there he's not the doctor. Okay finally in 2015 he yelled to me and said I'm leaving you in two yrs. everybody ask why in two yrs. so he would not have to pay me child support yeah what a winner I picked low life. He knows I can not live off of just my Ss disability he doesn't care. Just last week I found out he has a girlfriend she sends him a birthday card EXPRESS MAIL TO MY HOUSE WHERE MY KIDS LIVE. so I opened it and screen shot everything and texted it to him while he's at work. I would love to know what happen to the part in ur marriage vows in sickness and in health and for richer or poorer I must be the only one that heard that part.

    I started my own business selling all natural hair care line and I make soap sugar scrubs bath bomb and I'm still adding things I used every penny I had to start this company it's been up for 6 months but no one is buying I'm gonna keep it up bc it has to work this is my last hope. I pray all the time and ask god to plz let my shop become a success I give away a lot a lot of my products so ppl can try it and everyone love it they love my products. My husbands job is dangerous also this could have easily been him I would have never bailed on him that's just pure evil this yr we will be married for 24 yrs. on October 14. I been with him my whole life I met him I was 23 got married I was 25 we together had 3 kids but all together we have 6 kids. They are all grown the twins are going to college in August for 4 years.

    I know they still need us but I'm glad they are getting out of this misery I keep to myself but my husband treats me like crap the way he's acting towards me you would think he found me in our bed with his brother or something that's how bad he treats me. When I met him he had nothing nothing but a suitcase full of clothes he was an illegal alien his brother threw him out of his house in the middle of the night so he calls me granted I only knew him for 6 months I told him to just come over he came with his suitcase now I did not know this man at all but he had no where to go. Okay so he working for this same brother he would go to work every single day but the brother never pays him maybe every two months he would give them 500 dollars I tell him to just send the money home to Jamaica to the kids bc they haven't got any money in a long time I'm paying all the bills and buying all the food a couple of months later his brothers move in also they didn't want to pay anything yeah I know I was stupid. And his whole family didn't like me still to this day they don't like me. I know they had something to do with my husband leaving me they been trying to break us up for yrs. then we get married he filed for his green card and he gets it.

    So now we wanted to buy a house but he didn't have any money so I gave him 5,000 dollars to start the paperwork for the house it took five months to get the loan. He had the rest of the money at closing. His family is just jealous loser but he's the one that losing bc when I'm finally gone he's gonna miss me bc I always had his back and he turned his back on me in my time of need I needed him like he needed me. All I do all day is lay down I'm so depressed I can't believe this is happening to me I'm speechless how could you do this to a human being how do u sleep at night And on the weekends he's at his woman house before she sent the card I thought he was going to his brothers to stay see god reveals everything in the dark he brings it to the light. I am all alone with nothing. And no one cares. I'm tired I'm very tired of suffering. I'm on all kinds of Meds for bipolar depression I have no drive but I force myself up to work on my shop if I didnt have that I don't know where I would be he makes me feel bad when I'm making stuff for my shop he told me it's not gonna work out I'm wasting my time. He's all ways trying to pick fights with me. I Ignore him.

    I'm sorry this is so long but I don't have no one to talk to. I'm sorry I'm jumping around with the story my mind is everywhere.
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    Default Re: My Spouse is Leaving Me Because I Injured My Back at Work

    Sorry about the mess your in.....Same thing has happened to me, and many others I'm sure.

    Its hard, but try to move forward.....Im sure he will have to pay some maintenance to you for some years....and your home possible?...Has he filed yet?.....My divorce took 4 years, no one was in a rush, and lawyers just loved it...

    Best of luck to you, and your not alone......

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    Default Re: My Spouse is Leaving Me Because I Injured My Back at Work

    No he's waiting for me to file I'm just waiting for my shop to take off then I will file yeah I'm wondering I'm I the only one going through this. Oh god not that I wish this on anyone no way. Thank you for replying take care

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