Needs some tips for my upcoming OAC hearing. Background: Got hurt on job 4 months ago. Couldn't get up for 48 hours and still have same problem from day 1 after 30+ visits to PT and Drs. (They pay for medical but have paid zero wages) Well known Tech giant denied my claim for pre-existing before they even knew what the problems were. Job was lifting heavy packages and storing them. Had Mri 5 years ago which showed nothing but usual spine deterioration. Had MRI 4/15/2017 which shows synovial cyst compressing nerve root L5. EMG shows substantial nerve damage. EMG doc sez I need surgery. Respondent (their attorney) claiming pre-existing blah, blah, blah. The Work Comp drs. that work for them disagree. The attorney writes the Drs. every time I go to one and tells them what they saw is pre-existing. I write to them every time and tell them a synovial cyst can be caused by TRAUMA and Mechanical Stress. No visits to a Dr. for anything the ENTIRE TIME I worked there. I have Medicare (reg SS), so it's essentially free for me.
This was p/t time employment. I am over 70 yrs.old so it was really a job to get me out of the house and get some exercise. Unlike some of the horrible stories here, I am essentially retired again.
This injury occurred in a million sq. ft. warehouse which (we were constantly told) has video surveillance 24/7. If I could get the video, it would be case closed for them and they know it (chaotic working conditions after they sent half the employees home). I have a AJC hearing next week to force them to turn over the tape which they claim does not exist. I also have a witness for the OAC a few weeks from now. At this point I really don't care what the judge sez (expect him to rule against me) but I will fight and appeal everything just to pile up their costs. So far it has cost me nothing, except my time but I want my 4 months pay from these b'tards.
I have shopped my case around to attys. but there are not interested due to the low payout for them. The Respondent got a bogus IME report, of course, saying everything should be hunky dory with me, even though I showed up with a cane. Any suggestions would be welcome. Odd, if you hold up a convenience store you get an atty right away, however, if you get hurt on the job, tough sheet.