Have MMI from doctor of 7%. Received letter fro employer wanting to settle, this is info. they set in letter, Rating of 7% from doctor, 18,250.38 divided by 52 weeks worked makes weekly wage 350.97, 66 2/3 of average weekly wage is 223.99, 7% of 450week total =31.5 weeks of compensation, 223.99 x 31.5 = 7,055.69. This seems a little low to me for back injury after having back operation on lower back at L4, L5, to take pressure off nerve. Do I need to get a lawyer hate to pay him 22% if this is all I can get. Thanks for any advice on this.

More info on this, I'm 68 and date of accident was Jan 1,2017 and surgery was on May 15, 2017. Luther123