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    Default Employer Changing Doctor Restrictions , Burning My Own Time

    Hello , a bit of history OJI beginning of august 2017 with l5-s1 disc herniation, injured when I was dropping a metal H-brace about 150lbs, I went to grab it and heard/felt a crunch sound.

    Today I had a meeting and was told they have a light duty position for me at a desk answering the phone,faxes, etc M-F 7:30-4:00(I normally work an 8 hour shift? ). I asked them what if I cannot do the work due to pain? They replied that I would have to use my own sick/vacation time. I told them sometimes its hurts very badly and I can only get relief from laying down. I don't want to burn my time, if I do not have too.

    Secondly on my form for me to change over to this other job they have my Weight Restriction at 15lbs. The Dr. gave me a weight restriction of 10lbs. Is this normal for employer to override my Neurologist? I am confused about this.

    I will still be able to clock out and go to my PT which is M,W,F but this is going to be almost 2hr round drive from the new work location. My WC Nurse was kind enough to give me a great PT place close to my home, but now i'm not looking forward to driving a standard this far with a numb/hurting left leg/foot.

    Any information tips would be greatly appreciated.
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    Default Re: Employer Changing Doctor Restrictions , Burning My Own Time

    Bottom line, you're being jacked around - consult a lawyer and see if there's anything he can do to restore some dignity to your claim.

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