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    I had a fall at work in May 2016. I had a massive rotator cuff tear and a bicep rupture. I had surgery in Sept 2016 with rotator cuff repair. The bicep couldn't be repaired. I still have pain in the shoulder. The ortho doc says that due to risk for non healing or retear I have permanent restrictions. No lifting over 10 lbs, no CPR, I'm a nurse, no lifting over head, no pushing, pulling. I have a desk job and no problems doing it besides the pain. I have nearly full range of motion. The doc said it would never get better and always hurt. I have a lawyer. I got PPD rating of 15%. I got the papers from lawyer to sign and return. I feel this rating is low. I'm 58 and may switch jobs at some point. It seems that for permanent restrictions 15% is low since I'd be unable to do regular nursing again. Can my lawyer negotiate for higher rating? I'll call lawyer too but wanted opinions.

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    Can my lawyer negotiate for higher rating?
    Sure, he can have you evaluated by another doctor plus use the opinions of your treating physician to challenge the rating - I'm sure he will take action if this rating is unfair.

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