Okay, I do not even know where to begin. So, after filling out the monthly claim form and going back and forth about me being paid and when, counsel proceeds to tell me that my claim has been closed for weeks,the NFC was given to counsel about the same time. I will not receive anything more, no TPD payment, no medical until court and maybe not even then. I told you I did not have a good feeling about this and I am never wrong.

I stated we have an upcoming hearing regarding back pay, well now this will be included. The judge who was to hear this case initially has been changed to someone I believe will rule in favor of the WC, employer side. I do not have the luxury to wait around without any monies coming in and ending up homeless, all because having crappy counsel is better than no counsel. I beg to differ, I could have arrived here without giving someone 10% of my money to ultimately arrive at the same end. I cannot trust or have confidence that present counsel will have my best interest at heart or handle this properly from here out.