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    Default Dr. Orders Desk Duty but No Driving, Canít Get to Work

    I was injured at work and tore ligaments in my ankle, my doctor ordered sedentary duty but no driving for 3 weeks. I asked him about being out of work during that time, his reply was ďare they (your employer) going to come pick you up & take you home?Ē I said No, and he said ďwell, there ya go.Ē
    So today, 2 days after my appt, I get a call from employee health b/c the dr wrote the date on my form for return to work modified duty as 11/15 (day of my appointment) and wrote under comments: No Driving.
    Not sure what to do in this situation, I live in a rural area about 45 min from work. I have no way of getting a ride to and from work. What is expected in this situation if the doctor wonít change my return to work date? Employee Health dept at my work is saying that if he doesnít change it nothing would be covered under my WC, and my days out would now be considered ďunexcused absence.Ē

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    Default Re: Dr. Orders Desk Duty but No Driving, Canít Get to Work

    If you don't have a lawyer, contact your claims adjuster or case manger and see if you qualify for travel reimbursements for the cost of getting to work.
    If you have a lawyer, see what he can do to help.

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