Injured 10 months ago in semi to semi collision in Texas. The insurance company has treated me for ruptured discs and radiculopathy, but now that the word surgery has been introduced, found to be medically necessary through peer review and pre-authorized, they are denying the injuries and limiting my claim to a strain( I know, typical insurance tactics). The designated doctor listed the ruptured disc and radiculopathy as compensable, but they are going to the "unbiased" peer review. (Sarcasm)

My question is if the IC is limiting my claim to a sprain can I use my own insurance while I have it? The adjuster has pretty much made my doctor's office believe that they won't be paid.

I am well aware of labor code 408.0041 (3)(f): IC must pay benefits for injuries listed as compensable by DD unless ordered otherwise by the commissioner. However, the doctor's office is not trying to hear it.