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    Default Returning to Work/ New Job/ Open Comp Claim

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: NEW YORK

    Today I formally accepted a job offer for a job where I won't be required to do much physical work. I have an open workers comp case from an injury I sustained in October at my former employer. My last job had many physical requirements and my doctor did not release me to return to that job due to the nature of the work until my follow-up which is dec 7th. I don't forsee this new job being an issue with my doctor bc it does not require much physical work but I'm concerned about the new employer learning of the restriction I had with my last job. I don't want to complicate things with my new employer. This is a completely different line of work, but this new job also requires a physical which I have not been given many details about yet. Another question I had was when should I contact the w/c caseworker regarding my new employment? I don't have a start date just yet.

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    Default Re: Returning to Work/ New Job/ Open Comp Claim

    It's not a good idea to change jobs during an open comp claim.
    You'll forfeit wage loss benefits plus chance losing your new job when they find out you didn't disclose your restrictions - it's a lose-lose preposition.
    Check with an attorney before proceeding further, maybe he can salvage something from this mess.

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