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    Default Update to My Fall

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Florida
    So 5 weeks after my fall I saw an ortho for my elbow and he ordered MRI and sling. Off work until MRI results/ next apt. A week later I got approved for sling and MRI is scheduled. Today I went to spine specialist for my back. I had a prior back fusion 11 years ago. This doctor ordered PT and MRI of lumbar and cervicle as I have intense shoulder blade pain. He put me on light duty. I’m so confused by all the different doctors. It’s been 6 weeks sonde I fell and I am in a lot of pain. My burning lower back pain is terrible can’t sit or stand longer than 10 minutes. The only relief I get is laying down switching sides. I physically can’t sit and can’t type with my dominent RT arm in a sling. So arm ortho has me out of work but spine neuro has me on light duty. What an I suppose to do??? It’s crazy the spine doc would send me to work without looking at the hardware in my back first. Or at least find out the problem. He stated that he was a hard Ass. Wth. I just want some help here. He prescribed no medication. Which is fine. I’m taking tramadol and muscle relaxer. Anyone with any advice please reach out. Thanks.
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