My W/C case has been heard by assigned judge then a different judge that stated to respondent you have 3 cycles to get your files in order, then next hearing my judge called out sick now .am rescheduled for Jan. 18,2018. The Respondents Attorney has only provided the courts with 2 printout pages of what they paid in medical & indemnity and has conceded their stance on the medical ordered by the permanency court judge in feb of 2008, of which never received at all, now 2017 and i was also awarded future medical thru 2025 for my injuries. The SIF/ DOL showed up at the 1st hearing with none of my records of any sort, and the DAG sent a replacement. They have been paying me a reduced rate since Nov.20,2010 with no increments. The section 40 Lien amount presented by the respondents attorneys to the W/C permanency hearing courts was not perfected, followed formula just subtracted the total lien amount taken from the gross settlement and that is how they derived their Sec 40 lien amount. I believe this was a Bad Faith issue, possibly done when they new of my legal fee overcharged on the gross settlement, who is to say. So far there are two very important Bad Faith issues by the Respondents representation, and i would like to see punishment by the courts now in 2018 but i sincerely believe my lawyer has many misconduct issues and my case is being held hostage? why would he now want a private hearing with the judge on my case when I believe it to be Ironclad in my favor.Why my now 6 year old daughter has not been recognized as a auxiliary beneficiary with fund benefits as was reported to the respondent years ago. I have begged my Attorney to request her entitlement from the SIF. To no avail, and when I call they say your attorney must call you can't! After i exposed him to my discovery, mind you I am still totally disabled @ 67 now and all I want is for my baby to get her entitlement. After confronting my Lawyer on his wrongdoing i did not hear from him for a week, thats when he started talking down to me, pompous and all! I then said I know the law they broke the law as did you and ham sick and tired of all of your swan songs and avoidance of my Questions. I texted him and asked if he wanted to proceed, he texted back aim perplexed of course I do! Want to fire him my ? is how and can i still proceed with my hearing in January with a new attorney to finish this once and for all! My last question the 450 week W/C entitlement mine being 371.25 weeks responsibility by the respondent and &8.75 week by the SIF.whereby transcripts read respondent end date of payment to be Nov. 21,2010, and SIF commencement on Nov. 22,2010. I never received a plug nickel from the Respondent during the 371.25 weeks, another Bad Faith Issue.I believe I was entitled to that $ what is your thoughts? Enough for now but please give me guidance, HELP!