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    I injured my back at work several months ago. After doing physical therapy at the clinic for workers comp it wasn't improving. I was sent for an MRI. It showed I have a a bulge and tear between my L4&L5 discs. The clinic Dr. Could not treat and referred me to a specialist. The specialist ignored the MRI saying he was more concerned with my SI joint. He ordered a bone x-ray of the joint and an SI injection. The injection only increased my pain. Afterwards the Dr. Played this wait and see if it would correct itself. Still ignoring the injury to my spine. After a while he proclaimed nothing else could be done and sent me to get an FCE done. FCE report shows I went from being able to do heavy labor (required for the jobs I've always done) to only being capable of doing light labor. The dr. Released me to be able to return to work with some very strict restrictions and refused to refer me to even a pain clinic saying I just have to learn to deal with it. It took the dr. Past the 21 day alotment to issue a ppi rating. He then only issued a 2% rating. I refused to accept his diagnosis and findings and went to see my own family dr. My dr. Was upset that he ignored the injured to my spine. After a small physical test and looking over my MRI report he said I clearly have a herniated disc. Then the looked over the xray report and the other drs findings. He was upset that the other dr did not even order the proper tests stating that he could not make a correct diagnosis from just a bone xray. That he should have done a cat to make sure there wasn't a tear or something going on. He refered me to another specialist but they refuse to see me because it's a WC case and my personal insurance wont pay for it. I just want my back fixed! I've had nothing but pain since this has happened and what I'm being told, there's nothing I can do until WC closes out the case. I've already spoken to 1 attorney that says with a herniated disc the ppi should be higher. What can I do? Also how do I figure up what my multiplier will be? All I know is it's based on age, education, jobs available to me with the restrictions. But how do I know what I'm looking at?

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    I've already spoken to 1 attorney that says with a herniated disc the ppi should be higher. What can I do? Also how do I figure up what my multiplier will be?
    Hire a lawyer - you haven't a clue as to what you're doing.
    For the cost of a lawyer, you'll be money ahead, protect your rights and save your sanity.

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