So about a month ago my left middle finger was caught on some metal rigging we used to lift some concrete blocks up. Well when it got caught the tip of the bone in the finger was chipped and the meat itself degloved the tip of my finger. The ER stitched it together and told me I would need to find a hand surgeon to see it. Through my job they found me a hand surgeon and I see him 3 days after the accident and he says that the piece that ripped is dead and he amputated the tip is still have all joints in the finger of the tip was amputated. I know it wouldn't be in the best interest for my job to tell me but I've heard from other people that I know which includes people that have gone through this situation that I should be getting a settlement even for the partial piece of finger because it is still an amputation. Also I haven't lost any time at work I was in the ER for 3 and a half hours and I went straight back to work that same day. Is what the other people telling me true. I rather make sure first before I bring it up because this is not an easy subject to just bring up and take so light. So. Please help if you know what's true and could er me know that worked be greatly appreciated