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    Default Is Post Tramatic Osteoarthritis Coverage by Obwc

    I need a shoulder replacement and my dr. Added post tramatic osteoarthritis to my claim for a new condition. The surgery was approved pending the addition of the new condition “post tramatic osteoarthritis “. Do you think it will get approved?

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    Default Re: Is Post Tramatic Osteoarthritis Coverage by Obwc

    No one on here can tell you whether the post-traumatic osteoarthritis will get allowed for sure because we don't know the specifics of your medical history, the incident, and what support the doctor has for the condition and its causation.

    But what I can tell you is that any request to add a degenerative or arthritic condition to a workers' compensation claim is scrutinized. The BWC does approve these conditions but it is likely that you will end up at a hearing.

    If you have an attorney you should discuss with him/her how strong your case is to get the osteoarthritis added on. And (though I know this is said often...) if you don't have an attorney you should seriously consider it.
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