My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: ca hi,every one i rely need help i have a work for several years my lawyer told me he is going to file for expedite hearing regarding my p.d ratting which the Dr .didn't give me ratting for we did go to court .then the case its has to move for a trial .we did go for atrial the next month as usual my lawyer and the defense attorney they spoke with the judge later on my lawyer call me to testify .i did heard some disability numbers i don't know what is it .after me testifying i left .after a month i receive a letter form the judge and it was a settlement reward I AM NOT AWARE THAT WE ARE GOING FOR SETTLEMENT HEARING AND HE DID SETTLE MY CASE WITH OUT OF MY KNOWING .HE SEND ME A LETTER HE CANT APPEAL THE JUDGE DECISION I HAVE ONE WEEK TO DO THE APPEAL .PLEASE I NEED HELP WHAT TO DO .THANK YOU