I'm going threw alot right which I thought was done and over with along time ago. I was deemed ppd years ago had my hearing given x amount of years plus medicals . About a year and a half ago my carrier stirred the pot sending me to my first ime in years. I didn't know they could still do that but found out otherwise. Now I'm in the nitemare all over again when I was just trying to go on with my life. They have slammed the breaks on any conservative treatment and will pay now only for certain medications. I now have a new permancy hearing and have been rerated as my lawyer is trying to up it since the last time. I had gotten a high rating the first time. I'm at square 1 again with increase pain and lose of mobility due to all this and yes I am suffering.
I just don't know what to expect and thing are even more complicated by the fact I am on ssdi now but under my deceased husbands work credits not my own and how that will all play into it.
If anyone could give me any feed back on this crazy mess I'd appreciate it. Yes I do have a lawyer involved but feel like I'm not getting answers from them.