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    Default Injury of State Worker in Ga

    First came injury while working for state, injury was accepted as catastrophic afterward. Cat designation meant rehab worker, not an advocate and is not honest by any means. Tho catastrophic and years passed, Six CDE or IME in a short amount of time. no new recommendations from any, so worker wants more. one dr said he was paid to get case thrown out. Threatened regarding appts, tortured when I go, still have same diagnosis. Want to quit going to appts, so they will close case, better care without the stress. Not wise choice, no legal help, lawyers won't help, as GA doesn't settle. Real news story here for sure, suggestions welcome.

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    Default Re: Injury of State Worker in Ga

    How's that a "Real news story here for sure"
    You're one amongst thousands, this is an every day event, no one cares - especially in a Republican state.
    Anyone facing a disability, especially injured workers are a target in the current political environment - if anything, people will praise the carrier for doing a good job and saving the "job creators" money

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