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    Default Settled with WC 2016 Still Being Followed by Pi's

    I would like to get any advise regarding these stinking private investigators from WC. I settled my case with them in 2016 and I am still being followed by PI's. I thought once it was settled they would leave us alone. I can't believe they are still messing with me. It has been really bad. They even followed us during the holidays when we went to my sister-in laws house about three hours away. I know they did because I saw them, I even followed one of them for a while until she decided to pull into someones drive way.
    On January 2017 I had a medical emergency and my sister-in law was going to take me to the emergency room. As soon as we stepped outside a black sedan (the car was across the street in a parking lot business facing my house) sped across the road and blocked us in my drive way, kept us from leaving. This idiot pretended to be looking for a business and she had a little monitor (like and iPad or something similar to that) on her console.
    I kept my cool, I was in so much pain that I told her I did not know where the place was and she just kept insisting on asking me where it was. I just told her I didn't know where it was got in truck and waited for her to leave. She did leave just to loop around and park across the street once again facing my house. I was livid! but I had to go get treated for my illness so I had to leave.
    Im not sure how to go about this without getting in trouble ( I don't want to do something I will regret), Im not completely disabled I am not working right now, but I am receiving med.retirement check. My doctor had told me I could not do my job anymore so I was medically retired. I do not get medical from WC (that's a whole different story) so I just don't understand why this is happening. Just going to the store is a pain in rear! I have put security cameras around my house and in my vehicles.
    I need advise

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    Default Re: Settled with WC 2016 Still Being Followed by Pi's

    To start with, Pi's are usually in a beat up old car, chain smoking and look like a homeless drifter.
    They would never make contact with a target - you'd never know if they where watching you and if they suspicioned you where on to them, they'd call off the investigation.

    If you settled, the carrier is done with you and the case is closed.
    I have no idea of what you're seeing but it's not PI's, the carrier doesn't do surveillance after a case is closed.
    During an open case they usually won't pay for more than a weeks worth of surveillance and that's when the case is being finalized and if they're contesting the claim.

    In the future, if you're being followed, go to the nearest police station or call the cops - it sounds like the mafia put a hit on you (lol)

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