It seems wc closed file knowing that I still had issues caused by physical therapy they sent me to? So lets just send him back to work? Could not do full load of work so was sent back to Dr. Well Dr. Refused to see me so work sent me home with a leave of absence. So not fired? No unemployment? Still have a job....but not allowed to till I am 100 percent good to go. Got atty. N wc. Wants to settle for because their new game is to starve you out by closing your case....not paying you....then wait to see how desperate you can get so you can jump at the chance for a settlement and get you to walk away from a good paying job and relieve them of any liability of future occurrences if surgery does not fix the problem.....this I guess is how they keep bragging how they are saving money for the last 2 years on behalf of the companies they serve. So 8 months with no income after closing the case to try n force you back to work or look for another job then they offer you a few bucks to go away? Nice great strategy for them but not for the injured guy. If by chance you win the case they have 60 days to appeal and pay? So without an atty.? You get more who else is their to help out the little guy!!!!! Just confused on why they would offer you money to cancel a court date just before it comes up, offer you pennies, just so you can say no n start waiting 60 days for another court date.....if you think you have a case don't waste time sitting down to settle, just let the judge decide, your bills will only back up more!!!!! Hopefully the judge will see through the muck n see what's really happening to honest people that get injured after working 10 plus years for a company n get injured on the job. Don't try to throw them away like trash n starve them out and offer them a few bucks to go away for fear of losing everything they have accomplished if life for their family....... Just my 2 cents cause that's basically what I have till the court date n pray I win.