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    I made it this far several years later and settled my claim. I received my Job Benefit Voucher which is good for two years. I really don't want to assume but I can turn in the misc expenses form for $500 right away. Does that $500 deduct from the amount of the voucher? When I do go to use it for the computer the $1000 expense sheet does that also reduce the schooling part of the voucher. Lastly- would I even want to use the schooling part if on disability? The only class and its pretty expensive that I can see that is on your own at your own pace is Photography...?

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    Okay, I just went through a NIGHTMARE with the Voucher.

    I believe your voucher is worth $6000. Maybe more if you were injured before 2013.

    The Misc Expense can be claimed right away, no questions asked. It is deducted from the total amount of the voucher.

    I have not bought a computer with it but, yes the entire amount of any computer and software you buy will be deducted from the 6000.

    ALSO!!!! Please file for the Return to Work Fund. It is a fund from the State of California for injured workers who have received the voucher. It is another 5000 dollars to you. I got mine in February. It is a simple application.
    There is a link at the bottom of the page to apply. Do it soon!

    The voucher will pay for any out of pocket costs for school. Tuition, books, parking and or fees for classes. You will have to pay for everything first, submit receipts with the expense requested page from the voucher and then you will be reimbursed.

    I went back to school in 2016 and will have an associates degree this year. And I have only used about half of my voucher. It's worth it to use it. It's basically free money you just have to work for it a little bit.

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    Thank you! All the best with your schooling

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