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    Lightbulb P&S and Future Medical Care Coverage

    I have a question on P&S.

    If a QME doc labels you P&S with future medical care, are you then legally able to procure care through your private insurance for the injury?

    Say the amount they give you for future medical care is insufficient to cover the financial cost of care, by what means can you get the continued care you need? Can you get it by private insurance or Medicare? How does one get the care which is still medically necessary?

    ***Update*** Again, God Bless You, Tony!!! I just found my answer. Apparently, I wasn't thorough enough in my first search before asking this question; Please feel free to delete this thread. I can't figure out how. For anyone wondering about the same question, please refer to the following link.

    Thank you


    Likewise, I have called my insurance carrier for this state and they confirm. Money given for future medical care MUST be exhausted and then they will cover the care!
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