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    Default When to Get a Lawyer

    Currently on workers comp, I'm dealing with
    two injuries, my left shoulder and left
    pectoral. In my shoulder the rotator cuff supraspinatus has mild tendinosis.. small insertional articular surface and intrasubstance partial tear supraspinatus and infraspinatus w/o full thickness rotator cuff tear. The infraspinatus tendon mild tendinosis, the subscapularis tendon demonstrates mild tendinosis. Labroligamentous structures, moderate size superior labral tear. Joint fluid/bursa there is small glenohumeral joint effusion, there is minimal subacromial subdeltois bursitis. I've had the MRI for the shoulder and haven't had one for my pectoral yet. The doctor's from the insurance company said they don't give chest MRI well thats where the main problem is. I've had the bruising and across my chest and all the way down my bicep. I've found out of course the do chest MRI. My question is should I get an attorney to get me to the right doctor, should I find one myself. The longer I wait the more difficult the surgery.

    When should I get a lawyer, I'm in northern California.

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    Consult a lawyer - see what he can do, it's better to have a professional try than doing it yourself.

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