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    Default Reimbursement for Family Caregiver in Tx

    I have been on wc since 2009. I made the mistake of not getting a lawyer so it has been a nightmare. I finally just had surgery done after many years of trying to get it approved. They were supposed to send a home health nurse to take care of me which never happened so my sister has moved in since I need around the clock care. Will wc reimburse her for caregiver pay? Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Reimbursement for Family Caregiver in Tx

    Will wc reimburse her for caregiver pay?
    Maybe, it has to be pre-approved after your doctor deems it medically necessary.
    Some states have rules regarding caregivers, one of them being they can't be a family member and they must be certified - better check the rules of your state.
    Call your adjuster and find out what needs to be done or better yet, consult a lawyer.

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