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    Hi, I came across this forum a few days ago and I wish I should have found it earlier. I was injured on the job over a year ago and I was fired. I was getting treatments from a doctor that was in network and after a few weeks of treatment, he release my back to work with restriction. I sent the form to hr to see if they can accommodate but he never replied and I left several messages and email. After two days, I went into work because I didnít want to get fired for not showing or calling them but I was fired when I got there. (The reason is for procedure for an incident a month prior that my supervisor already said that I didnít have to worry about it because I reported it correctly).
    I continued to get treatment but a month after that they denied my claim. (I also think that wc denied because they found out I was fired.)
    I did get a lawyer but Iíve only talk to him once in a year and when I call, the receptionist always says thereís nothing new. The doctor he referred me to just sent me an mmi report and my sdi is ending soon. What happens after Iíve reached mmi? Does my lawyer have to set up court date? Who decides if I can get ttd for the year that I didnít work and to pay back SDI?

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    Without knowing why you where fired, it's impossible to guess what's next.
    Depending on why you where fired, you may still be eligible for medical - you'll have to wait and see.
    Your lawyer is the only one who can give an answer at this point, he knows the details of your case.

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