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    Default Reaching Limit TPD in 5 Months

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: DC

    Have lawyer and 500 week limitation period is coming to an end. Lawyer is working on getting Permanent Total Disability. I have other disability insurance that has been offset by SSDI and workers comp. If for some reason WC stops paying do they send a notice before comp payments stop? I read somewhere that they must give 30 days notice. Anybody here transition from TTD to PTD? The possible loss of income and not able to work is playing games in my head.

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    Default Re: Reaching Limit TPD in 5 Months

    If you're settling your claim in a lump sum, there may be a couple of weeks where you're waiting for your settlement check to come - TTD will end at the time of the judgement.
    Otherwise, there should be no loss of income, you will receive your TTD until you get your first PPD check.

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    Default Re: Reaching Limit TPD in 5 Months

    No lump sum settlement in my case. It only makes financial sense to receive weekly benefits. I was rated by opposing doctor at 70% whole body my doctor is at 100%. My lawyers thought that after 1000s of applications with no job offers Permanent Total Disability was the correct course of action. Will see.

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