Was injured at work in 2016. Have been jumping through all the hoops. And have an attorney that was a must and big help. First did therapy,the facet joint shots, and epidural. When they didn't help the insurance company tried to claim pre-existing. Went to court, and won. On percocet for over 1 year. Then have spinal fusion of L1-S1. More therapy. Doing must better 7 months after the surgery. No it's time to wrap it up. Have two different doctors for ratings both are around 8%. Was only off work 7 weeks for the surgery, my job was very accommodating on 20lbs restriction. But now the dr.say 40 lbs. Maximum permanent. But in my job description it say 70 lbs. All day. Don't know if they can or will make the allowance. So any Idea on what settlement may be, and what may happen if I can keep job.