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    Default Shattered My Knee at Work

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: TX

    I shattered my knee at work in November 17. I had my knee reconstructed and some MCL repair. I was non weight bearing and supposed to start PT in January but WC IC denied PT over and over again. We finally got it approved in March but it was too late, causing me to have a 2nd surgery(manipulation) at the end of March. I continued PT through June when WC IC said they would not pay for anymore. And as soon as I asked for a replacement pain management plan that did not i clude narcotics (they make me really sick), I was forced back to work without restriction.

    Im 32 and can now barely walk. I now have a limp and the designated doctor confirmed that my leg was put on crooked when I had my mmi/ir appt two weeks ago. The right side and portions of the front of my leg are numb. I'm also now having issues with my ankle, hip and lower back.

    I still have not received the designated doctors report which i find weird but I know the WC IC has. I logged into the portal yesterday and saw a check had been cut the same day for PPD Impairment Income back pay.

    I have consulted with an attorney and am ready to appeal if my rating is not in the window of my best interest. I will probably never be able to run again and im only 32. Any thoughts on this? My life has been a nightmare since this happened.
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