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    I have worked at a company for a little over a year before a gt sick and found out I have a lung disease. The chemicals I work with does cause respiratory damage but we have PPE that we wear daily. I was not aware until I could no longer work that the PPE we were did not protect from fumes and chemicals...only dust. I am almost in year 3 of trying to get workers compensation. I am just now about to start receiving SSI disability after 2 and a half years! I am absolutely unable to work anywhere!! I am not allowed by my doctor. Sometimes I can't even go outside without having to either get on my nebulizer or use my inhaler several times. I'm stressing and struggling with 4 children to take care of. What should I do to make something happen??

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    What should I do to make something happen??
    Hire a lawyer!!!

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    You and your family need to know all your rights!....Please hire a very good lawyer!

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