Hi I was wondering if anybody knows how long it actually takes for state of Georgia to approve settlements once the attorney has officially sent it to the State Board. Does anybody know the protocol and procedure? I mediated and settled on June 3rd ( not happy but ready for this nightmare to be over). And my attorney dropped the ball so there was a couple of bills not paid. So in the meantime my attorney has been battling trying to get those paid before proceeding to State Board. She told me last week it would be beneficial if I would just settle and she would help me negotiate and just pay out of my pocket. I refuse to do that. So now we're waiting on the appointing counsel to approve the remaining Medical balances. But once state board receives it I just want to know the next step. I have read somewhere it said 20 days. Then I read somewhere else that said 30 days. So enquiring minds want to know if you can help me. Thank you.