Today will go down in infamy - the Trump Crime Family is officially exposed and has collapsed.
Trump will soon be in Handcuffs, along with his kids and co conspirators.

Manafort found guilty on 8 counts in tax fraud trial
Manafort was found guilty on the eight counts of the special counsel’s 18-count indictment. Each count carries a hefty prison term – when combined, he is facing a maximum of 80 years in prison, but at sentencing the total will likely be less. The federal judge declared a mistrial in the other ten counts after jurors could not reach consensus.

Having been found guilty, Manafort, 69, faces the possibility of serving the rest of his life in prison. Manafort will be the second figure in Mueller’s investigation to serve a prison sentence. Dutch lawyer Alex van der Zwaan pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators in April and served a 30-day prison term.

This past Friday, President Donald Trump expressed sympathy for his former campaign chairman, who he called a “good person,” telling reporters gathered at the White House that “it’s very sad what they’ve done to Paul Manafort.” Asked whether he will pardon Manafort, Trump declined to answer.

Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty to Bank and Tax Fraud, Campaign Finance Violations
Michael Cohen, President Trump’s erstwhile lawyer and “fixer,” surrendered to the FBI on Tuesday, and pleaded guilty at a Manhattan District Court to eight counts that included charges of bank fraud, tax fraud, and, most importantly from the president’s point of view, campaign-finance violations. The charges stem from the investigation into hush-money payments he made to Stormy Daniels and other women on Trump’s behalf, made in the run-up to the 2016 election. The tax-fraud accusations includes possibly fraudulent loans Cohen obtained during his shady years in the New York City taxi business.