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    Default Who Had Dworkin and Maciariello in Chicago Area


    Can anybody tell me about dworkin & maciariello law firm here in chicago? I got injured May 2014 and it now Aug 22, 2018 and I still have not been to court and medical had stop and weekly payment had stop January 2018 to right knees (2 surgeries) and right big toe (2 surgeries). Still need a 3rd Right knee surgery and now left knee gone bad due to carry all the weight. They dont call unless I call them. 1. Do anybody else have a problem with them? 2. Did they give you a good settlement? 3. Anybody had a case this long on going??? Thanks - Chicago I need Help

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    Default Re: Who Had Dworkin and Maciariello in Chicago Area

    I did not use them. It did take just over 8 years to finalize my case including my MSA. Everything was in Chicago courts.

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