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    Question Should My Tdi Checks Start Back Up


    I was injured in Texas ten months ago. I was placed on light duty, but my employer could not accommodate the restrictions.
    I started getting TDI checks.
    I had surgery in Feb. and was released from light duty in March.
    My TDI checks stopped.
    I was still under doctor's care and attending physical therapy 3x per week.
    My employer kept putting me off. They finally contactied me in April and terminated me.
    I applied for unemployment and was denied. I appealed and was denied again.
    It was determined in May that I needed another surgery. It was scheduled for June. I went in for the surgery but it was canceled during pre-op. I was sent to a cardiologist and a pulminologist. I was diagnosed with COPD and placed on lifetime oxygen treatment.
    The insurance adjuster contacted me to let me know that she had mailed out a TDI check but since my surgery was canceled I needed to tear it up.
    The second surgery for my injury is on hold. My treating specialist has determined that the surgery has to be done in an impatient facility. He does not have priviliges at such a facility. He is currently looking for another doctor to perform the surgery and take over my care. He put me back on light duty.
    Should my TDI checks start back up?

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    Default Re: Should My Tdi Checks Start Back Up

    Should my TDI checks start back up?
    You mean TTD - they never should've stopped, you needed a lawyer months ago.
    Have no further contact with the adjuster or employer until you retain a lawyer, they're screwing you over.

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