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    Default Whatís the Purpose of Work Comp

    I have got to vent...
    The IC ainít sh*!
    3 MSC conferences, approved claim, delay delay delay delay... until last PD payment, further delay wonít authorize surgeries the AME said I had to have... donít agree with the ratings... I HAVE TO FIGHT FOR EVERYTHING.... WHYYYYYYY!!!!!

    Thank God I have a lawyer.... this fight wouldnít be getting done without him. Now trial is coming up next week.... I guess itís all up to the judge now.

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    Default Re: Whatís the Purpose of Work Comp

    Because for every one legitimate claim there's five fakers.
    Just read through some of the postings that haven't been deleted yet, I bet I've banned at least a dozen people this year for trolling this forum, looking for ideas on how to game the system.
    I admit, I was naÔve for years until one day I did a basic search on certain usernames - we had members with several usernames talking to themselves.

    I reviewed the postings of certain members and discovered they changed the type of injury every few weeks based on info they gained from legitimate claims.
    This is why this place is quiet lately, I banned all of the gamers - I'd rather have this place dead than to have it turned into a scam forum.
    If I'm sick of the games, imagine what the carriers are going through - I don't envy them.

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